Our Story

We Transform Lives

ByDesign Dentistry was founded with a simple goal: to provide patients experiencing oral pain, a loss of function, or dissatisfaction with their smiles compassionate care supported by the most advanced dental services—so they can live full lives and smile proudly.

With their rigorous training in prosthodontics, Dr. Aminzadeh and Dr. Ballo bring exacting precision and strategic planning to their work, creating treatments tailored to each patient’s needs.

Personalized Care

We employ a patient-centred approach, getting to know you and your needs before crafting a treatment plan that works for you and is delivered at your pace. We’re with you on your journey from the moment you step into the clinic until long after you finish treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment

Designing a plan based on your dental history, habits, and inherited traits, we consider both your current and future needs, providing you with dental solutions that stand the test of time.

Innovative Technology

Our clinic uses the latest technology, such as a 3D digital dental scanner, diagnostic laser technology, digital X-rays, and a powerful dental operating microscope. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of our treatments, leading to a comfortable and safe patient experience.

We work closely with Key Dental Laboratory, which develops pioneering technology for implants, crowns, and other dental treatments, to offer the latest, evidence-based services.

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