Information to Plan Your Visit

  • What are your COVID-19 protocols?
    • Our waiting area is currently closed. We have a virtual waiting room: patients can send a text message when they have arrived, and we will inform them when they can come inside. 
    • Only those with an appointment are allowed into the office (unless they are picking up someone who just had sedation).
    • We disinfect rooms and equipment between each appointment. 
    • We ask COVID-19 screening questions and take the temperature of every patient.
    • Masks are mandatory to enter the office.
    • A limited number of staff are in the office at one time. 
    • Clinical staff are fully gowned and wear N95 masks.
    • The clinic is fogged daily, meaning any areas that could be coated by airborne droplets are coated with a botanical disinfectant. 
    • We fully sanitize the front desk reception and all surfaces, including door handles and pens, after each patient. 
    • Any patient with cold or flu-like symptoms will be sent home.
    • We take staff members’ temperature when they come into work. If they have a temperature above 37.9 degrees Celsius, they are sent home and only allowed back when they are symptom free and have gotten a negative COVID-19 test response. 
    • Cleaners fully clean and sanitize the office daily.
  • Why do I need to see a prosthodontist and not a regular dentist?

    Prosthodontists are highly educated and trained specialists, dedicated to the health of the entire mouth. Prosthodontics is one of the few specialties recognized by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Working in collaboration with other medical and dental specialists, prosthodontists craft and coordinate the treatment plan, bringing together the latest in dentistry and technology to ensure your mouth and teeth are healthy and functional. 

  • Do you offer payment plan sequences?

    Yes, we can arrange a payment plan that works for you. 

  • Do you bill insurance companies directly?

    We can send your insurance company your forms and answer any questions, but we do not bill directly. 

  • How do I provide you with my records?

    If you are coming from a different dental office, we can request your records from that dentist.

  • How much will my treatment cost?

    Each patient’s needs are unique. We will consider your needs and propose a solution that works for you and your budget.

  • How long will my treatment take?

    Depending on the procedures and your needs, treatment can take anywhere from a single day to several months. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you cannot make an appointment, we would appreciate 24 hours’ notice. If you feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms, have had close contact with someone with a suspected case, or have traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days, simply give us a call to reschedule.

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